Step By Step Guide On How To Paint Cabinets Yourself

The cabinets are mostly found in the kitchen and how you paint it will determine how stunning your kitchen looks. Besides, you can always paint cabinets to freshen up the look of your kitchen once it gets stale. The best part is that painting cabinets is straightforward and you can do it yourself on your holidays in simple steps. The following is a step by step guide on how to paint cabinets yourself like a professional.

Step 1 – Choose The Right Paint

Choosing the wall paints to apply on the cabinets is not a good idea. There are dedicated cabinet paints available in the market from which you need to choose. You should also mention the paint seller the type of cabinet you have like wood, wood-laminate, metal, or plastic.

Choose The Right Paint

Step 2. Disintegrate The Hardware

Starting from doors and drawers to hinges and knobs and even slides, everything needs to be disintegrated for the painting work. Keep them in an organized way, and you can place knobs, screws, and latches in a bag. It is better to number each door with a sticky note so that you do not mix them up while reassembling. If required, you can number the latches and slides. If you mix it up, they may not line up properly.

Disintegrate The Hardware

Step 3 – Clean Every Part Thoroughly

The kitchen is always greasy especially in those parts which you do not clean regularly. Before sanding or even painting, you should clean all the surfaces of the parts you have disintegrated. You should clean it with a solution of one part of trisodium phosphate and four parts water. Rub thoroughly and clean with plain warm. Let them dry in the open before sanding them.

Clean Every Part Thoroughly

Step 4 – Sanding For Smooth Surface

Sanding is an essential step before any painting work. Lightly sand all the parts that are wooden. If the parts are not wooden, there is no need for sanding. Only thorough cleaning will do. It is better to use a wood sanding block to prevent rounding around the edges. Sanding not only makes the wooden surfaces even and rough for better painting but also removing the old painting. After sanding done over, clean the surfaces with a cotton cloth and make sure there is no dust or dirt on the objects of painting.

 Sanding For Smooth Surface

Step 5 – Apply Primer-Sealer

You have to apply primer-sealer before applying the paints. The coating has to be smooth as it is designed to deglaze the old paints and finishes so that the new color can look stunning. Besides, it acts as a great base for water-based paints, and the finishing will be glossier. If you have a low budget, you can avoid it, but it is a recommended step for a better outcome in the end.

Apply Primer-Sealer

Step 6 –Time To Paint

Start painting from the inside edges and openings. Then go for outer cabinet sides and finally for the face frame fronts. This is how the professional works and you can correct any smudges quickly. Then move on to the fronts of cabinet doors and drawers. If there are any wooden pieces and moldings, go with the flow. Make sure the crevices and corners are perfectly painted as they are the most neglected areas.

Time To Paint

It is important to keep in mind that you should go for thin coats as in that case, the brushstrokes are not visible, and the drying is also fast. Also, do not overwork the brush as it can create air bubbles and bumps. After the first coat, allow a day to dry and then sand very lightly once again. Remove the sanding dust and go for the second coat.

Two coats are enough and once the paint has dried up, reassemble the parts one by one as they were. Hope you found the step by step guide on how to paint cabinets motivating enough to do the painting work all your yourself and beauty your kitchen with your own hands.

Which Color Should You Choose To Paint Your Dream Bedroom?

Who does not want to turn their bedroom into a dreamy and heavenly room? To realize the dream of making your bedroom a stunning, soothing, and romantic bedroom, you have to choose the bedroom paint colors wisely. Starting from tranquil hues and soft shades to romantic tint, the following is the list of the bedroom paint colors that will put a smile on your face every time you walk into your bedroom and wake up from the bed.


Lavender is one of the soothing and lovely colors for the bedroom which is widely popular in the modern era. The color creates a relaxation just like lavender oil creates a great aroma. The color is slightly feminine, and therefore, your female partner will be super impressed. It is important to have matching curtains to highlight the lavender color of the bedroom. It is slightly darker than the eternal white.

Lavender for bedroom


Another popular bedroom color which most people are using these days is the soothing beige. It is a slightly darker shade in comparison to Lavender. Being is quite soft as a color, and it is very neutral. Besides, it has an earthly feeling and laid-back hue. You can use off-white sheets and curtains with bright furniture. You can have contrasting textures on the floor and different patterns on the covers of different items.

Beige for bedroom


On the very first thought, the gray cannot be impressive in your imagination, however, it is quite shuttle and elegant for a bedroom. It is quite versatile and creates a serene environment. Besides, it will help you to highlight other items you have in your bedroom, and therefore, items with mismatch color can look cool. It is more like a balancing color among the chaos of the bedroom items.

Gray for bedroom

Light Green

It is slightly unorthodox to use green as a color for the bedroom, but the light shade of green can be stunning for the bedroom. It is very soothing to the eyes and even romantic to some extent. It is a great option for bedroom renovation as it will breathe fresh life to your bedroom. You can have green flowers and vases and have green covers for furniture to make it vibrant. It is suitable for youths who are in their 30s.

Light Green for bedroom

Sky Blue

Just like green, sky blue can be classy for a bedroom. It is slightly inclined toward male power, and it is quite romantic in nature. There is no doubt that it will make your bedroom stand out in your home and you will always love spending time in the bedroom. As a matter of fact, a dream bedroom is possible with the light blue shade and a glass ceiling. It is perfect for people in their 30s and 40s. Sky Blue

Light Red

The ultimate color for the bedroom is red because it stands for love and romanticism. There are so many shades of red that you can choose to paint your bedroom. It is perfect for the newlywed couples, and you will wake up with positivity and always feel like loving to your partner.

Light Red

Instead of going for various designs on the walls, you better opt for the single color for bedroom walls which is what makes your bedroom classy and stunning for everyone.